Wurstkuche, what did you say?

With a nom de plume that seemingly defies any attempt at pronunciation, Wurstkuche quietly opened along a previously seedy though now fashionable section of downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District. As part of its name would suggest this slender, narrow storefront serves up nothing but gourmet sausages (produced by an artisanal sausage maker), Belgian fries, and a wide variety of tasty brews and unique sodas for the teetotalers. There’s nothing quite like a hot sausage fresh from the grill placed on a toasted roll and Wurstkuche (say that three times faster) fits the bill nicely. Sausages run from a mild chicken Italian sausage to duck and bacon sausages to even a rattlesnake and rabbit sausage that will truly satisfy the adventure seeker or Fear Factor within you. They even have a number of vegetarian sausages as a modest concession to the vegan crowd. Ultimately, the French fries are delicious but they are far from Belgian, even though they are fried twice in the Belgian manner. The fries are more reminiscent of the fries you would get in a bucket at the old Great Western Steak, Hoagie, and Potato Co. stand that would make an appearance at virtually every mall’s food court worth its salt on the Western seaboard. Sadly, most of the Great Western’s locations have fallen out of fashion over the years. Suffice to say, the fries at Wurstkuche are definitely better than good and the variety of dipping sauces from blue cheese aioli to barbeque to curry ketchup easily help matters. If you like, you can even have your fries douse in white truffle oil for about a dollar extra. They may even be better than some of the sausages. And it would be almost sacrilegious not to wash down your meal with a beautifully sour Duchesse de Bourgogne from Belgium, which surprisingly appears on tap rather than in the usually petite bottle.

Most likely you will have to wait in line for a quarter of an hour or so until your sausage is ready. Even though the food items served up here do say “fast food”, they are anything but. Once your sausage and fries are ready, walk along the corridor to the adjacent, minimalist dining room, which seems to have doubled as a funky art gallery in the past. Then you are ready to eat. The sausage parlor has becomes something of a hit with the downtown crowd, though it is a good mile or so south of the main business district and courthouses.


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