The Pink’s Allure

Pink’s Hot Dog stand has always been an integral part of the Hollywood food scene.  Hard by the corner of Melrose and LaBrea, the small stand with plenty of outdoor, patio seating does brisk business at all times of the day or night.  Legend has it that a portly Orson Welles would drop by a regular basis albeit via a chaffeured limo and devour close to two dozen hot dogs in a single seating.  Welles may not only be one of the most famous filmmakers ever to live, but also a certified trencherman of the highest order who may even make two-fisted Diamond Jim Brady blush.

Though tourists, office workers, studio technicians, actors, and other cross sections of Los Angles visit Pink’s in large crowds, sadly, the hot dogs are not all that special.  The dogs do snap when you bite into them but they don’t quite have the requisite garlic and spices worthy of an amazing hot dog.  The chili is a gloppy mess, possibly a small step up from the corntarch-laden chili at the Wolrd-Famous Original Tommy’s and Tommy’s knockoffs scattered about town.  But somehow despite the quality people seem to still come here in droves.  Perhaps Welles himself preferred quantity over quality.


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