a Faboulous Fab’s Chili Dogs in Reseda

The propiertor of Fab’s must have had faboulous in mind when naming his Lillupitian hot dog stand barely a year ago.  But also Fab’s is a stand in for his last name, Fabrocini.

Ultimately, who cares when the hot dogs are so delicious and the chili is an utter thing of beauty.

The small shoppe is houses barely three tables and a teensy, makeshift counter with all of two stools to sit at.  If you are planning to eat there, do get there early or at an off-hour.  The hot dog to get here is an all-beef hot dog, steamed (of course), topped with homemade ground beef chili (laden with choice spices and a hint of cinnamon) along with chopped onions and shredded fresh cheddar cheese.  The hot dog it almost goes without saying is imported by Mr. Fabrocini from a secret purveyor in New Jersey as our the Polish sausages and bratwursts.  He has truly put some thought and effort into his distinctive, gourmet hot dog stand.  The chili dog is better know as a Coney dog (not to be confused with a Coney Island dog) and its garlicky juices fill you mouth upon biting into the snappy, natural casing.  The almost gourmet chili seems to be a work of utter veneration and single handedly puts all mass market chili recipes to shame.  A trio of these dogs would make a hefty though all too delicous lunch, especially when washed down by a few Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray sodas.

It must be said that Fab’s also serves a deep fried hot dog unique to New Jersey known as a Ripper.  This hot dog is a heavy seller and essentially put Fab’s on the map.  Mr. Fabrocini and his wife have put a great deal of effort in to making this not just any old run-of-the-maill hot dog stand.  They live up to the fitting appelation of Pride of Ownership.

Remember to save me a seat when you go there, or else this review were all for naught.


3 Responses to “a Faboulous Fab’s Chili Dogs in Reseda”

  1. Al Herrera Says:

    makes me hungry…

  2. Michael Kaye Says:

    Fab’s truly does make for a satisfying cheapskate meal. I’ve been a couple times and have never been disappointing. By the way, here’s a tip for your next visit.

    If you like garlic order “garlic tots.” It’s not on the menu but they’ll whip it up for you before you can say tater.

  3. trinaunz Says:

    the detroit coney dog…there’s something i didn’t think i could get unless i lived in michigan! thanks for the shoutout!

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