Hawkin’s House of Mighty Fine Burgers.

The place to go once you are in Pasadena when the craving for a big, greasy fast-food burger hits is Hawkin’s House of Burgers, situated a couple miles north of the Old Town Pasadena district along Fair Oaks Avenue. It is a tiny storefront sandwiched between two much larger shops with a solo table outside with a Coca-Cola umbrella providing some shade. Suffice to say, most of their business is take-out. One has to wait since the slow food movement is more their speed than their fast-food atmosphere would lead you to believe. The homemade and well-spiced burgers are just the thing to get here. The chili cheese King burger is the go to order. A thick half pound of ground beef topped with their homemade chili, cheese, and lettuce and tomato. Perhaps, a couples slices of pastrami or a fried egg to gild the lily. They also offer a burger worthy of a Brobdingnagian trencherman. A gargantuan burger composed of a laundry list of hefty items including three full pound handmade beef patties, a few ounces of pastrami, three slices of cheese, a couple fried eggs, a couple hot links butter flied, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and oodles of homemade beef chili, a truly a sight to see. It arrives with a large order of French fries and a super size soda. Let’s talk if you happen to devour the whole burger in only sitting by yourself.


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