$3 a pop, but what a Beautiful Gourmet Donut

Stan’s Donut Shoppe (yes, the spelling of shoppe is correct) is no stranger to the donut business. He’s been around since Kareem was still known as Lew Al Cindor on UCLA’s championship basketball team. Nowadays the hungry, cash-starved students will patronize Didee Reese for cookies served up cheaply at 35 cents a pop (up from a quarter) or cheap filling ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. The queue here can border on the ridiculous at times. You can pay a student in cookies to wait for you in line or you can cross the street. There you will find Stan’s and his bountiful donut creations. We prefer his Peanut Butter and Banana donuts or Reese’s Peanut Butter Pockets (both studded with chocolate chips) over the more traditional chocolate iced or raised glazed. The peanut butter and banana number would make the King keel over appreciation were he still alive. These donuts are full of calories and full of flavors. One will do for at least one if not two people. Stan’s also offers a grab bag of donuts right at the closing hour where you pay a set price for a bag filled to the brim. The greasy cure to the munchies. You should make sure to bring even cash since the famed donuts go for two dollars each. A small price to pay for sugary, filling goodness.


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